We are not your typical Investment Advisory Firm. We do not try to be everything to everybody. Rather, we are constantly searching for investment managers that we feel offer unique and diverse strategies relevant to today’s market characteristics that we can offer to our clients. At Vantage, we have put together a “menu” of funds and portfolio models that we feel will match those objectives for your investment funds.

What is the Advantage part of Vantage? Well, what makes us different is that we are not tied to one manager or any group of managers. We search for funds and managers that we feel would be advantageous offerings to our clients. We are an independent firm, and only answer to our clients, no one else. We at Vantage have worked very hard to offer different, unique investments in our “menu” of offerings, as well as some traditional models. Vantage is striving to empower you with the ability to have greater control over your investments.

We give you, the investor, ability to move your funds around within the “menu” we have created. You have the ability to view your account 24/7 via our custodian.

We would like to be the answer for all of your investment needs and maybe, after speaking with one of our representatives, you will feel that we are. However, if we turn out to be just part of your overall plan, we are glad to fill that role as well. If your current advisor doesn’t represent Vantage Advisors, just ask him or her to give us a call and we will do all that we can to make working with Vantage possible.

Why Choose Vantage Advisors?

We help you accomplish goals with a smaller, yet much more powerful group of investment options

  1. No Commissions
  2. Simple Account Setup
  3. 24/7 Account Access
  4. Fund Qualification Flexibility